A quick update of what's happening in the North Family Clan. Updates are done in the order of pictures from top to bottom

It's been some time since we have updated the last page.
Kyle is now 4!! We can't believe what a big boy he has gotten. He is so much fun to be around. Talkin' and Playin' all the time. Finally out of the terrible 2's and 3's.

Halloween 2003 Kyle was a cowboy. However he did ride in a horse from Toy Story. At church he won 1st prize for the best costume. The back legs of the horse are really his. So it looks like he is riding. It is quite a hoot. And he loved the costume (and all the attention).

Christmas 2003 quickly followed. Caryn and Doug's little family is growing. Kayla became a big sister to Douglas Andrew Bronson (AKA DREW) was born April 15, 2003. So they are now a family of 4.

We also tried to capture our own family picture. Didn't turn out so great so we didn't use it for our Christmas cards this year, however it is great to keep for memories. The 3 of us with our Beagle Harley and Welsh Corgi Topanga.

Kyle is simply LOVING preschool!! He has learned so much. Not to mention he has the best teacher there. Mrs. Dillie. He will truly be sad once this school year is up in May 2004! So will mommy!!

Getting to be such a big boy and being Mr. Independent. He loves to be so silly and he laughs all the time. His smile is ever so contagious.

Well I guess it is time for our little family to expand as well. Feb 2004 we learned baby North #2 will be joining us in Oct 2004. Which is really fun because this baby is due the exact same day Kyle was! Oct 31st! Boy.. Mary Beth knew Halloween was her favorite holiday!! (THINK PINK)

March 30th 2004 we took the plunge and moved again to Altamonte Springs, FL. Back to Mary Beth's home town. It is nice to be across the way from her parents house. And also a house that came just in time for the expanding family. Plenty of room to grow!

Easter 2004 was quickly around the corner before we knew it. Where is time going??  Kyle looking ever so handsome in his Easter "costume" he calls it. Ever year we get him a special outfit for this wonderful Sunday. And our 1st holiday we got to celebrate in our new home!

Kayla, Kyle and Drew hunted Easter Eggs at Grammy and Grandpa Muirhead's house. They had so much fun. Can't believe Drew is now 1 and already walking. Kyle didn't start walking till he was 1 day shy of 17 months old!!! WOW. The kids are getting so grown up. Just think.. this time next year there will be 4 in that picture. Hopefully a little girl to balance out the ratio. YOU KNOW SEND THOSE GIRL VIBES AND THINK PINK!!

Kyle being silly in our new home. Hiding himself in a book case that Chad built for the new house. Chad has already started all his big projects on the new house. We wanted to move somewhere we didn't have to do alot of work. So far, its been alot of work. But we love this house and our neighbor's are great!!




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